IZIRUNF4 based on ARM Cortex M4 for middle applications like motor control, display, CAN control, Ethernet and more.

IZIRUNF4 module it’s a small and compact board that allows you to speed up your development thanks to build-in peripherals like EEPROM flash, SRAM, NOR flash, leds, buttons, quarts and debug connector. The module has M.2 connector footprint, with up to 67 pins which can be used to communicate with the external peripherals via I2C, SPI, CAN, UART protocols.



  • Cortex M4 STM32F407VET6
  • Flash 512 kB
  • RAM 192 kB


  • EEPROM 4 kB
  • Flash 512 kB
  • CAN ATA6561
  • LAN 8742A

IZIRUNF4 top face

IZIRUNF4 bottom face

Pinout top face

Pinout bottom face


IZIRUNF4 module is an open source board. Here you can access the all fabrication files  and firmware files :

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