IZITRON provides “full stack” services regarding firmware and hardware development, covering the entire process of a product development from request analysis up to industrialization phase. We are focused on building high reliable solutions based on customer specifications, with respect to the time-to-market and budget requirements. IZITRON also ensures full technical support for all our developments, all along the product life cycle.


Research & Development

Request analysis, Specification definition, Technical feasibility, Architecture definition, Industrialisation study, Hardware and Software development

Project management

Project coordination, Cost analysis, Risk analysis, Planning and Reporting, Technical documentation, Supplier interface, Bidder's offer management, Procurement


Customer needs analysis

First of all we analyse your needs and evaluate the feasibility and the technical challenges of your project

Technical specifications elaboration

Based on your needs, we assist you to elaborate the project specification that will serve as a guide line for the development phase.

Product development

Our expertise in firmware and hardware development allows us to respond to your specific needs in terms of quality, delay and costs.

Technical advice and support

Our team will guide you to overtake all the technical challenges regarding the engineering, manufacturing and process phases.

Large scale fabrication support

The product can be delivered with all the specifications, plans, nomenclature you need, to start a mass manufacturing process. Our team is able to guide and support you through this process.

Integration and maintenance

Our team will guide and support you through the integration phase and all along the life-cycle of your product

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