Your projects are important to us and achieve them with success is our goal

IZITRON helps companies to design and develop products and services in the IoT, robotic and industrial field. From request analysis up to industrialisation phase we can help you to bring your ideas to life with respect to quality, delay and costs. We deliver you a complete solution for your project, allowing you to remain focus on your business development and objectives.

Either you need help to develop a custom embedded system, to connect objects or sensors and create wireless sensor network for data monitoring, IZITRON has the expertise to provide you with high reliable and quality solutions.

Our mission is to bring your ideas to life

Our team consists of high qualified engineers passionate about new technologies and animated by the goal of overcoming all the challenges your project may reveal.

The art of success consists in having you surround by the best people!

Our services

Why you should work with us?

Because we are passionate about what we are doing.

We are a team of engineers and makers who believe in the power of new technologies and “out of the box” concepts to improve day to day life and increase our efficiency.

At IZITRON we are mainly focus on creating products that respond to specific needs of low power consumption, compact design, high performances, cost effectiveness and usability. From firmware to hardware development we are able to provide you innovative solutions for your applications.

Because we respect our engagements

At IZITRON we are aware that each project has its specificity and we are working hard to overcome your expectations in terms of quality, costs and delay. We do our best to make your project become more than a list of specific goals, deliverables, features, functions, that need to be delivered, we want to make it a great experience, for you, your partners and us.

Because we refuse failure.

Each project has its own specificity and challenges but no matter how complex your project is, we are committed to achieve our engagements and bring your ideas to life.

Because we are always available for you.

In our opinion the communication is one of the key factors on which a project success is based. Therefore, you are always welcome to contact us and we are happy to provide you all the information and clarification you need in a transparent and efficient way.

Because we are flexible.

We understand that sometimes modifications on the road may appear and we are open to discussions and looking for the best solution that minimize your costs and the time to market.

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