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Either you need a specific application to help you increase your productivity and efficiency, or simply you need to update your actual IT solution, IZITRON is able to develop, test and integrate software applications in the continually changing IT environment for all industry and sectors.


Our development process

Requirements analysis

First of all, we gather together all your requirements and analyze them in order to develop a minimum viable product that enables you to test the concept at a minimum costs.


User stories definition

Each of your requirements needs to be translated into user stories that will help the team to estimate the amount of work and costs related to each functionality. The user stories can be added or modified at any time.


Product Backlog definition

The product backlog is filled with all the user cases defined in the earlier stage and it allows stockholders and team to prioritize and monitor the tasks to be done with the best delivery time and at minimum costs. It consists of features, bugs, technical work and knowledge acquisition.  

Sprint Backlog

A sprint backlog is a list of tasks identified by the team as achievable during a sprint which usually lasts for a week or two. During the sprint, the development team builds and tests a functional part of the product until the product owner accepts it and the functionality becomes a potentially shippable product.



Each sprint is followed by a sprint review, in order to identify lessons that can be used to improve the next sprint. Then a new set of tasks is defined for the next sprint and the process continues until all functionalities defined in the product backlog are completed.


Final Results

This incremental delivery system of the Agile Scrum Methodology provides benefits like increase development speed and enable fast market release, aligning individual and corporate objectives, offers a flexible environment that enables to adapt to new requirements.


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