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We can take in charge the prototype fabrication and assembly as well as small series fabrication.

We developed our own network of suppliers that enables us to fabricate high quality rigid, thin and flexible printed circuit boards at competitive price. We can also take care of the procurement process for the electronic components and therefore let you more time to focus on your business aspects. For the assembling process, we dispose of professional equipment that enable us to deliver high quality prototypes and small series PCB.    

All the PCB are tested to make sure that no fabrication errors have occurred during the process.

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GSM module

IZI-SW-F1 Series includes ultra-compact, reliable quad-band GSM modules, ready to use for remote wireless applications, M2M and remote data communications. It supports 2G to 4G data communication, featuring Sierra Wireless Air Prime HL series. It works on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies. Key features

  • GSM module: Sierra Wireless
  • Flexible and customizable: 2G to 4G data communication
  • Frequency band: Quad-band GSM 850/E-GSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900
  • MCU STM32L476
  • Transmit Power:
  • Class 4 (2 W) for GSM 850 and E-GSM 900
  • Class 1 (1 W) for DCS 1800 and PCS 1900
  • 2x15 pins connector
  • Compact design : 45 x 45 mm
  • Simple API commands via UART Port
  • Temperature range: -40 °C/+80°C (operating)
  • Power Supply: 5VDC


RF module

IZI-RF is a radio module based on LoRa technology, using the radio chip SX1272. Key features

  • LoRaWAN™ Class A & B protocol stack
  • MCU STM32L476
  • EU-868 and US-915
  • ASCII command interface over UART
  • Compact form factor 30 x 40 mm
  • 2 x10 pins connector
  • Temperature range: -40 °C/+80°C (operating)
  • Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) over UART
  • Friendly interface
  • RoHS compliant


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