About us

Located in the south of France, and created by group of young dynamics and passionate by the new technologies, IZITRON develops innovative products throughout the combination of engineering expertise, modern design and latest technology integration.

IZITRON provides "full stack" services regarding embedded system and software development, covering the entire process of a product development from request analysis up to industrialization phase. We are focused on building high reliable solutions based on customer specifications, with respect to the time-to-market and budget requirements. IZITRON also ensures full technical support for all our developments, all along the product life cycle.

Our main activities

Research & Development 

  • Request analysis
  • Specification definition
  • Technical fesability
  • Industrialisation study
  • Hardware and software development

Project management

  • Project coordination
  • Cost analysis
  • Planning and reporting
  • Technical documentation
  • Supplier interface
  • Bidder's offer management
  • Procurement

Area of expertise

  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • M2M Communications
  • Connected Objects
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial devices/products
  • Custom software application
  • Web interface & mobile app

How we work?


On-site assistance

Our engineers provide you the assistance you need directly on your office and reinforce your team for a determinate amount of period, based on your project needs.


Remote working

You don’t have the space to receive more team members in your office or the global costs are too expensive, don’t worry. We are used to work remotely and we guarantee high quality results.

Our mission is to spread innovation worldwide by making it accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Fields of industry covered by our activity

From high companies to small business owners, start-ups and local administrations, we provide you innovative solutions and help you to bring yours idea to life.

Whether your business is in health, sport, well-being, agriculture, smart cities, smart home, robotic, automation, environment, logistic or any other sector we can provide you the assistance you need in embedded system engineering, product prototyping, mobile applications.


Why you should work with us?


Because we are passionate about what we are doing.

We are a team of engineers and makers who believe in the power of new technologies and “out of the box” concepts to improve day to day life and increase our efficiency.

At IZITRON we are mainly focus on creating products that respond to specific needs of low power consumption, compact design, high performances, cost effectiveness and usability. From hardware to software development we are able to provide you innovative solutions for your applications.

Because we respect our engagements

At IZITRON we are aware that each project has its specificity and we are working hard to overcome your expectations in terms of quality, costs and delay. We do our best to make your project become more than a list of specific goals, deliverables, features, functions, that need to be delivered, we want to make it a great experience, for you, your partners and us.


Because we refuse failure.

Each project has its own specificity and challenges but no matter how complex your project is, we are committed to achieve our engagements and bring your ideas to life.

Because we are always available for you.

In our opinion the communication is one of the key factors on which a project success is based. Therefore, you are always welcome to contact us and we are happy to provide you all the information and clarification you need in a transparent and efficient way.


Because we are flexible.

We understand that sometimes modifications on the road may appear and we are open to discussions and looking for the best solution that minimize your costs and the time to market.


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